Fred's Arena Bar & Steakhouse

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Welcome to We sell & trade horses, draft horses, wagons, buggies, harness, antique farm implements and many other farm and horse related items. This trading takes place at Fred's Arena Bar &
Steakhouse. We are located just southwest of Tucson Arizona. Fred's is a family steakhouse but that's not all. When you venture out back you'll find a barn full of draft horses, and under the shade of every mesquite tree is something we have collected through the years; plows, a mowing scythe, wagon parts, etc. There are wagons everywhere, some authentic, some in between, and some to meet todays demand for better safety and less maintenance. You might find Fred and a few friends out in the shop working on something new and improved, not only horse drawn wagons, now they're building Fred a new toy. This roadster!


We rent wagons, teams and drivers. We hire out for weddings, parades, funerals, parties, or just a fun family picnic. Rental prices and restaurant menu available upon request. Thanks for visiting


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